Quenching arc faults as soon as they occur

Reasons for arc faults
Arc flashes are often caused by errors made when working on the switchgear assembly, contaminants, foreign objects like forgotten tools, or by animals getting into the assembly. This means that even the most modern switchgear assemblies are at risk.

An arc fault protection system gives you the safety you need

  • to effectively protect your staff
  • to optimise the availability of the switchgear assembly and
  • to design in conformity with valid regulations.

Different protective systems are available depending on the purpose of application and power density of the switchgear assembly to suit the individual situation and type of system.

Active or passive arc fault protection? The decision-making aid offers a preliminary overview and makes it easier for you to plan and select the right products.

Protecting human life
In case of an arc fault, enormous amounts of energy are released in a matter of milliseconds. Anyone close to the switchgear assembly at the time is in great danger. Extreme heat, toxic combustion residues and explosive pressure waves are the major hazard. Health and safety legislation clearly stipulates that employers are responsible for the protection of their employees. Our DEHNcare® product range provides all the personal protective equipment components your team needs.
DEHNcare® passive arc fault protection.

Securing system availability
Economically, an arc fault can be devastating. A damaged switchgear assembly means no electricity! Production stop! The necessary repairs are often extensive. Sometimes the whole assembly needs to be replaced. A power failure is simply not acceptable for a modern company in today’s competitive environment.
DEHNshort reacts in your switchgear assembly before the arc fault can cause any serious damage and you can turn your attention to other things.

Integration test - references

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Expert knowledge for electrical planning engineers

Opt for planning security! From design and implementation to reliable operation.

Why is arc fault protection so important? The technical background information, argumentation aids and information material here help you to explain the importance of arc fault protection to your customer.

We will provide you with tender specifications, planning drawings, bills of quantity and, if you take part in our seminar, a detailed application manual.

Our in-house seminars which are especially tailored to your needs help you to deepen your knowledge on the subject.

Expert knowledge for switchgear manufacturers

A tailor-made arc fault protection system pays off

Constantly changing demands on the market, diverse tenders – how can arc fault protection be best integrated in the design of your switchgear assembly?

We are at your side for the integration test, we train your employees and we support you on site during initial operation.

Stay flexible with DEHNshort! The independent arc fault protection system fits into many different switchgear systems – often without taking up any extra space.

Expert knowledge for operators

Optimising system availability – keeping costs under control

As the operator of a system you are responsible for the safety of your personnel. You want to optimise system availability and keep an eye on the costs at the same time? Not as easy as it sounds!

Arc faults endanger your staff and threaten the permanent electrical power supply. A fault in the switchgear assembly can soon be an expensive business.

So, it is ideal if arc faults are detected and automatically quenched as soon as they arise. Staff enjoy optimum protection and the system is back in operation in the shortest possible time.

FAQs about arc fault protection

Arc fault protection – active or passive?

Find the right solution for your requirements. An active system installed in the assembly or the conventional protective clothing?

Active Arc Fault Protection

Störlichtbogenschutzsysteme DEHNarc und DEHNshort

An active system detects the arc fault as soon as it arises and quenches it within milliseconds. Only a fraction of the destructive energy which would otherwise be unleashed is set free. As soon as the reason for the fault has been rectified, the isolating characteristics restored and the quenching devices replaced, the assembly can go straight back into operation.


Arc Fault Protection System DEHNshort

Your low-voltage main distribution board needs permanently reliable protection?

DEHNshort offers reliable protection for switchgear assemblies up to 110 kA - 690V. The modular system is individually configured to suit the assembly at hand. With arc fault quenching times of just a few milliseconds, it is one of the fastest protection systems on the market.

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Passive arc fault protection

Störlichtbogenschutzausrüstung DEHNcare

Temperatures of over 10,000°C are not unusual in the event of an arc fault. When working on open assemblies the electrician can suffer severe burns. Protection is provided by personal protective equipment (PPE) in addition active arc fault protection systems.


DEHNcare® - Protective equipment

You need personal protective equipment which provides your employees with reliable protection? DEHNcare® offers you all the components you need.

The range of protective equipment comprises

  • Jacket, trousers, coat (made of arc-fault-tested, flame-retardant material)
  • Safety helmet for electricians with face shield (energy absorbing with nano technology)
  • Special gloves with a long gauntlet (made of leather and neoprene)

Maximum protection and superior comfort. Various certificates and tests give you the peace of mind that you are providing your employees with the best possible equipment.


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