DEHN services

DEHN offers comprehensive services in the fields of surge protection, lightning protection/earthing and safety equipment

We offer planning and test services in the fields of lightning and surge protection: DEHNconcept, a comprehensive planning service which can be used for an entire project, is ideally suited for planning lightning and surge protection measures for your installation. In our test centre with a floor space of 800 m2, we test the lightning current withstand capability of your installations and systems. Our team which is responsible for customised lightning protection/earthing products will be pleased to tailor products from our existing portfolio to your individual needs.

In the field of safety equipment, we offer periodic inspections for earthing and short-circuiting devices: A new measuring method even detects hidden damage to earthing devices which cannot be detected by visual inspection. Repair, scrap or schedule the device for maintenance – This service allows you to make a sound decision.