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Always at the cutting edge of protection technology

Ever changing customer demands, the most diverse tenders - how can the optimum and cost-effective integration of arc fault protection be achieved? The ideal solution is a bespoke protection concept.

Total control with the permanently installed DEHNshort arc fault protection system

You can easily adjust DEHNshort to suit the relevant switchgear assembly thanks to the modular system components – regardless of the make of switchgear. All that is needed is a design verification and an integration test.

Perhaps you have also noticed that customers are increasingly demanding an integrated arc fault protection system.

How do I go about it?

Questions arise for the switchgear manufacturer like:

  • Are tests necessary?
  • If so, which?
  • What is the easiest way to install the system?
  • How do I wire it up?
  • Who can help me when I have a question?


DEHNservice - always at your side with advice, training and support

With DEHNshort you have an all-round carefree package. As your partner, we support you with design, installation, and functional tests right up to the final integration test.
During your first projects, we will provide assistance until you have handed the switchgear assembly over to the customer.


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