Active arc fault protection with DEHNshort

These are the most common reasons for an arc fault:

  • Human error when working on the assembly
  • Contaminants in the assembly
  • Foreign objects, e.g., forgotten tools
  • Animals in the assembly

There is always a risk, even in the most modern assemblies. And there is a lot at stake because arc faults present mortal danger. From an economic point of view, arc faults can entail immense costs, e.g., due to production downtime and extensive repairs.

Quenching arc faults as soon as they arise

DEHNshort, the modular arc fault protection system detects arc faults with the aid of current and light sensors. The reaction time of just a few milliseconds limits the incident energy to a minimum. DEHNshort protects human life and equipment to a much higher degree than required by the currently valid standard IEC TR 61641.

Your advantages with DEHNshort

As a planning engineer, switchgear manufacturer or operator, you receive comprehensive support in several stages.

Exploratory stage

At the initial meeting, we ascertain:

  • What are your protective aims?
  • What are the technical framework conditions?
  • Design verification?

Which criteria must your protection concept fulfil?

  • Personal protection? System protection? Or a combination of the two?
  • What are the requirements on availability of the switchgear assembly?
  • Do you want conventional or active arc fault protection?

The next stages are optimised for your branch:

Planning engineerSwichgear manufacturerOperator


  • Basics of arc fault protection
  • Standardisation

Integration tests

  • Support with the constructive integration of the components
  • Joint preparation and conduct of integration tests

      Risk assessment

      • Support with hazard analysis


          • Support with project description

          First project

          • Training employees involved in the design, installation and start-up
          • Support with design, tender and acceptance tests


          • Provision of tender specifications
          • Overview of all switchgear


          • Support with project

          Subsequent projects

          • Support with design, tender and acceptance tests

          First project

          • Training the personell who look after the switchgear

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