Tests for photovoltaic systems and components

Devices and components for PV systems must be adapted to meet their special requirements. Especially the operating performance of devices which ensure the protection and switching functions must be verified in laboratory simulations. The laboratory tests should be performed under real operating conditions.

Testing of switching operations in PV systemstesting a solar panel

Our test laboratory is equipped with a direct current source and a PV simulator. Our customers use our laboratory, for example, to test the lightning current carrying capability of PV mounting systems. Impulse current tests on inverters are also carried out on request in our laboratory. Profit from our knowledge to optimise your protection solutions in the field of photovoltaics.

Since conventional d.c. sources are not suitable for exactly simulating the behaviour of PV systems, we have developed a PV simulator. Due to its dynamic i/u characteristic, this simulator allows to realistically simulate switching operations in PV systems. The PV simulator is an efficient test circuit for testing over current protective devices, mechanical switching devices and surge protective devices under realistic conditions.

Testing of lightning protection components

Metal lightning protection components (clamps, conductors, air-termination rods or earth electrodes) which are exposed to all weather conditions must be subjected to artificial ageing by the manufacturer. The aim is to verify the actual suitability for outdoor use.