Lightning protection | Wind energy

Components for earth-termination systems and equipotential bonding of wind turbines

The earth-termination system of a wind turbine is part of the electrical system and must primarily fulfil the following three tasks:

  • Protective earthing
  • Functional earthing
  • Lightning protection earthing

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To ensure these functions over the entire lifetime of a wind turbine, it is particularly important to choose high-class components and materials.
In the DEHN online catalogue you will find a comprehensive range of external lightning protection products such as

Conductor material
Round wires, strips and cables of different materials and diameters according to EN 62561-2, for lightning protection systems, earth-termination systems and equipotential bonding.

HVI® Lightning protection
High-voltage-resistant insulated HVI® down conductors for keeping the separation distance from conductive parts.

Connecting components
Clamps for combining round and flat conductors and for connecting structural elements. Expansion, bridging and test joint components for connection to the earth-termination system.

Equipotential bonding
Pipe clamps, equipotential bonding bars and earthing bars for equipotential bonding of extraneous conductive parts according to VDE 0100 and lightning equipotential bonding according to IEC 62305-3.

Foundations earth electrodes / Earth rods
Connecting components for reinforcements, foundation earth electrodes for equipotential bonding. Earth rods including connecting clamps for installing single earth electrodes for lightning protection systems and installations.


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