Arc fault protection | Wind energy

Personal protective equipment and active protection systems for arc fault protection

Each and every day electrotechnical work is carried out at wind turbines all over the world. The risk that technical defects, maloperations, contaminants or foreign objects in the installation cause arc faults cannot be excluded.

Schutz vor Störlichtbögen mit richtiger Ausrüstung

If arc faults occur, workers are exposed to temperatures of more than 10,000°C and suffer severe burns. The different DEHN protection systems provide maximum safety:


DEHNcare gloveDEHNcare® passive arc fault protection

The DEHNcare® series includes personal protective equipment (PPE) for protecting workers from the thermal effects of an arc fault. The portfolio contains Protective gloves, safety helmet for electricians with visor, and protective clothing.


DEHNshortDEHNshort active arc fault protection

The DEHNshort arc fault protection system is a fixed active detection and quenching system for protecting persons and system components. The destructive energy is reduced to a minimum.