Why DEHN?We do not focus on short-term quarterly goals, but on sustainable growth and we offer the relevant perspectives. We reward our employees’ outstanding performance and sense of responsibility with secure jobs in a pleasant working environment, attractive pay and many other benefits.

We do our best to make you feel comfortable working with us. A low personnel fluctuation of only 2.5 % per year confirms that we are on the right track.


Alexandra Sippl“Working part-time after giving birth to my second child was no problem at all. This helped me reconcile family and job. During the summer holidays, my kids can attend summer camp up to four weeks – at no charge!“
Alexandra Sippl, Assistant International Sales


Benefit from personal development opportunities

Qualified and highly motivated employees are the key to a company’s success. For this reason, we carefully select our employees and support them from the very beginning. The know-how and individual strengths of our employees are our assets. Practical experience, home studies, constructive dialogue and training individually round off your qualification.

Moreover, we financially support committed employees in pursuing their training as a technician, foreman or business administrator while working full time. After all, continuous and high-quality training is a key prerequisite for our employees’  high performance.

We are particularly proud of our trainees who took their career to management level.