Protection of the charging infrastructure

Lightning and surge protection for electromobilty charging stations

Charging stations are required where electric vehicles are parked for an extended period of time: at work, at home, at park + ride sites, in multi-storey car parks, in underground car parks, at bus stops (electric busses) etc.

Therefore, more and more charging stations (both a.c. and d.c.) are currently being installed in private, semi-public, and public areas – and consequently there is an increasing interest in comprehensive protection concepts. These vehicles are too expensive and the investments too high to run the risk of lightning and surge damage.

Protection of the charging infrastructure in case of thunderstorms

Thunderstorms – Risk for the electronic circuitry

In case of a thunderstorm, the sensitive electronic circuitry for the controller, counter and communication system is particularly at risk. Satellite systems whose charging points are interconnected can be immediately destroyed by a single lightning strike.

Surge damage

A nearby lightning strike often also damages the infrastructure. Therefore, it is highly probable that such surges will damage the vehicle during a charging process. Electric vehicles typically have an electric strength of up to 2,500 V – however, a lightning strike can produce a voltage 20 times higher than that.

Protect your investments – Prevent damage

Depending on the location and type of threat, an individually adapted lightning and surge protection concept is required.


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