Previous versions


Version 3.12 (June 2018)

  • DEHNselect SPD Tool
    - Extension to include the languages English, French and Italian
    - Adjustment to DIN VDE 0100-443 and 0100-534
    - Actualisation of available products
    - Administration of gross prices on the German level
    - Improvements in product comparison
    - Output/export of the parts list in Excel
    - Transfer of project and performance data from the DEHN Risk Tool
    ​​​​​​​- Further diverse corrections and improvements

Version 3.11 (June 2018)

DEHN Risk Tool

- New Hungarian standard version MSZ EN 62305-2:2012 (TvMI 7.2:2016.07.01)
- New Belgian ground flash density map
- Increase in the maximum building dimensions which are possible 
- Elimination of former problems when exporting projects with complex structures
- Diverse corrections and amendments to the print-out and questionnaire (translation and presentation errors, update of standards, etc.) 
- Diverse additional error corrections 

Note on DEHNsupport Basic Version

The Excel tool for calculating the separation distance which was previously included in the Basic Version is no longer available. This tool does not comply with current standards and is no longer on offer.

We, therefore, advise against continuing to use the Excel tool!

Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information on the corrections made to the DEHNsupport Toolbox Version 3.11. 

Version 3.102.09 (July 2016)

Troubleshooting in the update

  • DEHN Risk Tool
    - Troubleshooting in the standard BS EN 62305-2:2012 ref. parameters pSPD/pEB
    - Troubleshooting ref. parameter ptu
    - Automatic review and information on the  errors in the parameters pSPD/pEB/ptu
    - Correction of translations

Projects which have already been created will be checked for the above mentioned errors on starting the new update.
If a project is concerned with one of these errors, an automatic correction is suggested (recommended).
Important: After correction of a faulty project further protective measures may be necessary!

Version 3.1 (April 2015)


  • General changes to the DEHNsupport Toolbox software
    - Corrections to the Croatian translation
    - Corrections to the French translation
    - New DEHNselect SPD Tool

Error corrections in the update

  • Risk analysis
    - Various error corrections
    - Print / export of the cost list possible

Version 3.002 (August 2014)


  • Cover of the printout of the risk analysis:

  • Editor/project engineer is automatically included
  • Integration of the Polish translation
  • Adaption of the CEI 81-3

Error correction

  • Error in printout:  
Complex structure
  • Error in printout:  
Risk analysis with more than 21 lines
  • Error in printout:  
Number of pages
  • Error in Distance Tool:
Program crash when printing
  • Error in Distance Tool:
  • Display error in design "Windows - classic"
  • Error in export print preview
  • Correction of translation mistakes

Version 3.001 (February 2014)

  • Bug fix

Version 3 (October 2013)

  • DEHN Risk Tool module
    - Integration of edition 2 of the IEC 62305-2 standard and national adaptations
    - New screen design
    - Simplified parameter entry
    - New program structure
    - Summary of the measure parameters
    - Integration of an active questionnaire the content of which can be defined with the help of a selection menu
    - Integration of a new printout form

Version 2.047 (November 2012)

  • DEHNsupport Toolbox
    - Additional languages

    - Adaptation of the database

  • DEHN Risk Tool module
    - Lines can now be sorted in alphabetical order (“Supply line” tab)

  • DEHN Distance Tool module
    - Optimised calculation for hipped roofs

    - "Measuring point" function was improved for positioning measuring points on diagonal lines

    - Improved "Define point of strike" function 

    - Improved "Zero potential level" function for several interconnected buildings

Version 2.046 (April 2012)

  • DEHNsupport Toolbox
    - Adaptation of the database
    - Bug fixing

Version 2.045 (March 2012)

  • DEHNsupport Toolbox
    - New program entry as well as memory function for the different modules
    - Adaptation of the database
    - Additional languages
  • DEHN Risk Tool module
    - Integration of the Russian ground flash density map
  • DEHN Distance Tool module
    - Extended functions: Inserting / deleting of a company logo
    - Extended entry function for complex buildings
    - Improved graphics for buildings with low earth electrode depths
    - Definition of a minimum depth for earth electrodes of 0.1 m
  • Program entry instructions [780 KB]


Version 2.044 (September 2011)

  • DEHN Distance Tool v. 2.0
    - Improved graphic resolution and zoom function
    - Building lengths and widths up to 250.00 m and building heights up to 300.00 m
    - Integration of the "Hipped roof" option
    - Extended entry option for complex buildings
    - Colour-coded conductors
    - Improved interception option in the "Adapt LPS" menu
    - Integration of a copy function for air-termination rods and measuring points
    - New "Comment" option
    - Definition of a point of strike
    - Updated "Print" option
    - Update of the DEHN Distance Tool program help
Version 2.043 (July 2011)
- Integration of the Macedonian language
- The ground flash density map of Macedonia was added to the DEHN Risk Tool software; the country-specific MKS EN 62305 standard can now be selected as calculation basis.
- Update of the Hungarian ground flash density database
- Reference to the EN 50164-1 .... -5 component standard  is included in the long / short printout of the risk analysis (1 page)


Version 2.042 (December 2010)
- Hungarian language and the ground flash density map / data of Hungary were added to the DEHN Risk Tool software; the country-specific MSZ EN 62305 standard can now be selected as calculation basis.
- Integration of the Austrian preface on the risk analysis in accordance with ÖVE / ÖNORM EN 62305-2:2010. The factors Lf , LO and rf were changed.
  Valid in Austria since 03-20-2010.
- Update of the French ground flash density database
- Adaptation of the Russian language
Version 2.041 (June 2010)
If version 2.040, which was published on July 12, 2010, was used for performing risk analyses or editing / selecting existing calculations, they are incorrect.
In these calculations, risk components RA and RU (risk components for touch and step voltage outside and inside the structure) have not been calculated.
To be able to undo these calculation errors, install version 2.041 and edit the calculations once again.

IMPORTANT: The error only occurs in analyses with lightning protection zones / zones.

Version 2.040 (June 2010)
- Polish language and the lightning density map of Poland were added to the DEHN Risk Tool software; the country-specific PN-EN 62305 standard can now be selected as calculation basis.
- Integration of the Russian language.