Press release: DEHN protects electric Venetian blinds, shutters and awnings

Electrical installations have a longer life-span than most electrical appliances and should be designed with a view to the future. They should be able to function reliably over a period of decades meeting the needs of present day and future equipment. Electric Venetian blinds are time and light controlled or operated via an App - smart solutions are almost standard here, too. The new DEHNcord R 3P protects sensitive control electronics from failure due to overvoltage. The surge protective device is designed as an adapter and is simply plugged directly into the connection wire of the drive motor without the need for tools.

The surge protection specialist DEHN can provide the right protective solution in the form of the DEHNcord R 3P, an adapter to be mounted in the connection cable of the motor of a Venetian blind/shutter control. It has a high discharge capacity up to In/Imax =2.5/5 kA (8/20 μs) per pole and a total discharge current of Itotal=15 kA.

The Hirschmann plug-in system (STAK3/STAS3) makes it possible to mount the DEHNcord R 3P as an adapter with IP 54 level of protection against environmental conditions directly in the connection cable of the drive and thus provide protection for Venetian blind and shutter motors. In the past, two single- phase protective devices were required but now the DEHNcord R 3P protects all electrical connections by itself. Protection of the phases "up" and "down" and of the neutral conductor is already integrated. This saves time and space when installing. The system can be mounted directly into the shutter box and this is, thanks to the Hirschman plug-in system, quick, easy and tool-free.

DEHNcord R 3P comes equipped with a monitoring device and a disconnector. If the shutter cannot be lowered, this indicates that the surge protective device is defective. In addition, there is an acoustic warning signal.

By installing this device, you not only fulfil the standards and restrictions of the lightning protection zone concept but also the installation standards for buildings IEC 60364-5-53. According to the lightning protection zone concept in IEC 62305-3/4, all cables leading into the building from the outside must be protected by a surge protective device. The IEC 60364-5-53 stipulates that “all cables leading into the building from the outside must be protected”. DEHNcord R 3P fulfils these requirements. The DEHNcord R 3P can also be used to protect Venetian blinds, shutters and awnings against overvoltage in buildings which do not have external lightning protection.


DEHNcord R 3P