Lightning and surge protection for photovoltaic systems

Protection against direct lightning strikes and transient overvoltage

Surge damage resulting from thunderstorms – one of the most frequent causes of damage to PV systems

Surge damage frequently results in the destruction of system parts such as modules, inverters and monitoring systems. This causes high financial loss. Replacement of a faulty inverter, new installation of the PV system, loss of revenue resulting from downtime… all these factors lead to the fact that the break-even point and thus the profit zone is reached much later.

Ensuring system availability

Decide on a professional and comprehensive lightning protection system consisting of

  • External lightning protection including an air-termination and down conductor system
  • Internal lightning protection including surge protection for lightning equipotential bonding,

thus increasing system availability and securing revenue in the long term.

We are a competent partner with more than 20 years of experience in protecting photovoltaic systems. We will be pleased to help you create tailored protection solutions.