Delivery Guidelines

- The original German text shall be the governing version. -

1. Principle

As a result of the constantly increasing competitive pressure, ever greater importance is becoming attached to the timely provision of goods and the associated reliable supply of customers.

Competitive capability is more and more being determined by the quality of the logistics, which is developing into a major success factor.

In view of this, the constantly increasing requirements demand continuous improvement of processes and the partnership-based cooperation between DEHN and its suppliers.

Automatic warehousing systems and conveying equipment and a computer-assisted warehouse management system are used at DEHN for optimum stock management and the subsequent processes.

In order to ensure the smooth and reliable operation of these systems, is it absolutely necessary to comply with the specifications.

These delivery guidelines from DEHN therefore form the binding basis for the active integration of suppliers into the logistic processes and the targeted improvement of internal processes and flows of goods.

They are, however, also an important prerequisite for the fast and smooth flow of goods from our suppliers via our Incoming Goods Dept. to the internal places of use and respectively also further to our customers.

The following delivery specifications are to be considered binding supplementary agreements to our General Terms & Conditions of Purchase and Ordering Specifications (HGB, ADSp) and also irrespective of the agreed terms of delivery (Incoterms).

2. Area of application

Applicable to the respective delivery location of DEHN (see point 6).

3. Packaging

All shipments handed over to a freight forwarding company must be packaged suitable for transport and in such a way as to prevent access.

As a matter of principle, all goods are to be delivered on flawless loading equipment.

Each supplier must ensure by the use of appropriate goods carriers, packaging and the necessary loading equipment that the goods reach their destination in proper condition.

3.1. Pallet deliveries

Delivered pallets must meet the following specifications:

  • general delivery only on Quality Class A Euro pallets
  • maximum height per pallet: 1400 mm incl. pallet
  • max. weight per pallet: 800 kg
  • palletised goods may not be loaded beyond the edge of the pallets, if the goods permit this
  • the cardboard boxes are to be packed with the label on the outside
  • care must be taken to distribute the weight of the packed pallet evenly
  • in principle heavy articles must be packed at the bottom and light articles at the top (note about possible damage)
  • the size of the cardboard box is to be matched as well as possible to the contents
  • deformed and damaged packaging units will not be accepted

Notice: DEHN accepts deviations only with express permission.

3.1.1. Delivery of conductive material/wires, belts, cables

Delivered pallets must meet the following specifications:

  • general delivery only on Quality Class A Euro pallets
  • maximum depth/length of the pallet: 1350 mm
  • minimum bottom deckboard length: 1200 mm
  • max. weight per pallet: 1100 kg
  • the specified and agreed packaging/coil unit per pallet must be adhered to
  • the single coils are to be labelled if specified
  • the supplier must ensure the stability and the even distribution of weight on the packed unit
  • deformed and damaged packaging units will not be accepted

Note: DEHN accepts deviations only with express permission.

3.2. Delivery of long materials and bulky goods

  • the goods must be bundled/packaged into firm, stable units - solid wooden composites are also accepted
  • maximum length of the units: 6000 mm
  • maximum height: 600 mm
  • maximum width: 800 mm
  • the containers must have a bottom clearance (minimum height: 100 mm)

3.3. Delivery of cable drums​​​​​​

  • maximum diameter of cable drums: 1200 mm
  • by delivery on pallets, Quality Class A Euro pallets are standard
  • palletised goods may not be loaded beyond the edge of the pallets, if the goods permit this

3.4. Delivery in D+S's own plastic containers / metal lifting crates

If a special agreement has been reached regarding delivery in D+S's own containers/metal lifting crates, it is mandatory to comply with the following directions:

  • The specified container types and container quantities per article must be complied with. Deviations must be agreed with the goods receipt in advance of the deliveries.
  • Unknown/other labels must not be affixed to D+S's own containers.
  • All containers must be filled in such a way that, for example, there is still sufficient space below the upper edge for the cover to be placed on top so that no components can fall out during transport on the conveyor.

Metal lifting crates: Maximum fill level up to 5 cm below the upper edge
Plastic containers: Maximum fill level up to 2 cm below the upper edge

If the specified quantities do not allow these directions to be followed, the goods receipt must be informed so that new quantity specifications can be formulated.

  • The supplier must make sure that only containers/metal lifting crates that are clean and free from residues are used for the filling.
  • Damaged containers / metal lifting crates must be sorted out. Further use is to be discussed with our goods receipt.
  • D+S's own containers and metal lifting crates may only be used in traffic with D+S.
  • The supplier is responsible for ensuring that it has the suitable and specified containers / metal lifting crates in sufficient quantities and in a sufficient quality in order to be able to complete the current purchase orders on time and in accordance with the specifications.
    The supplier must ensure that empty containers, metal lifting crates and covers are requested from D+S in good time and in sufficient quantities.
  • Containers with sensitive components must always be provided with covers. If necessary, the covers must be secured on the containers using stretch film or plastic straps.
  • All enquiries regarding container types / container quantities or for requirement empty containers are to be directed if possible by mail to the employees in the goods receipt: [email protected]

3.5. Parcel shipments

The delivery of shipments in cardboard boxes and parcels containing orders placed by DEHN are subject to the following guidelines:

  • the delivery note and other documents must be visible from the outside and should be in a shipping document pouch
  • the sender must be clearly identifiable
  • the goods must be sufficiently break-proof and the cardboard box must be filled with bubble wrap or packed with paper/corrugated cardboard material
  • foam polystyrene packaging is to be avoided
  • damaged parcels will not be accepted and acceptance will be refused
  • the weight of the individual parcels may not exceed 20 kg

3.6. Marking of the packages

A delivery note must be attached to each shipment. This is generally to be attached to the outside of at least one of the packages.

If a shipment consists of several packages, then the package containing the delivery note must be clearly and visibly marked.

The number of packages that make up the shipment must be visible from the outside (package 1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc.).

3.7. Packaging of the transport units

In the case of heavy and bulky goods in particular, the pallets and packages must be adequately secured with foil and plastic or steel straps in accordance with the load securing regulations.

The delivery must take place if possible in containers each containing materials of one kind only.

In the case of cable material and long or bulky goods, the supplier must ensure that the packaging is stable.


4. Documents

So that fast entry in the warehouse management system is possible, the delivery note must contain the following details:

  • DEHN purchase order number
  • order item number
  • DEHN article/material number
  • your DEHN supplier number
  • your delivery note number
  • specification of the gross and net weight
  • number of packages


5. Delivery

Shipments with a volume > 5 pallets and/or a total weight of 5,000 kg are to be announced to our Incoming Goods Dept. by phone, fax or e-mail (see point 6) at least one day before the planned delivery.

This regulation applies both to any subcontractors employed for the transport and to transport on your own account.

The delivery advance shipping notice must contain the following details:

  • number of packages or pallets
  • weight of the shipment
  • DEHN purchase order number
  • the expected time of arrival

The individual packages must be labelled - if specified in the order - with our article/material number and the number of items.

Mixed packages are to be avoided as a matter of principle. However, if mixed packages should nevertheless be necessary, they must be

  • marked with all article/material numbers and numbers of items
  • and identified as mixed packages.

6. Transport

6.1. Goods receiving hours

The following binding arrival times apply to both specified delivery points:

Monday - Thursday: 7.00 am - 12 noon and 12.30 pm - 3.00 pm

Friday: 7.00 am - 12 noon

  • Location 02

    DEHN GmbH + Co. KG
    Am Ludwigskanal 1
    92360 Mühlhausen

    Phone +49 (0)9181 906 1131 or 906 1360
    Fax +49 (0)9181 906 1028 or 906 55 1131
    mailto: [email protected]
  • Location 01

    DEHN GmbH + Co. KG
    Electrotechnical factory
    Hans-Dehn-Straße 1
    92318 Neumarkt

Phone +49 (0)9181 906 1419 or 906 1760
Fax +49 (0)9181 906 1518 
mailto: [email protected]


  • The two delivery points are located within a radius of 10 kilometres
  • We reserve the right to divert shipments within the two goods receiving points

6.2. Transport damage/goods acceptance

  • The supplier must ensure that the transported goods reach their destination in perfect condition
  • If goods are delivered in a damaged state, DEHN reserves the right to refuse acceptance of the goods at the supplier’s expense
  • The shipments are accepted conditionally, subject to subsequent checking of quality and quantity
  • Only the number of packages delivered (packages, pallets, parcels, etc.) will be acknowledged to the freight forwarder
  • The qualitative and quantitative goods receiving inspection takes place in the further course of the process on the basis of the delivery note
  • Obvious packaging defects as well as deviations in the quantity of the packages must be confirmed by the freight forwarder on the way bill
  • Concealed transport damage not visible during acceptance of goods will be notified to the supplier within a maximum of 5 working days for adjustment

7. Exchange of pallets and loading equipment

The takeover of loading equipment is documented.

If these loading accessories do not meet the specifications set out in section 3, they will not be exchanged and the acceptance may be refused.

DEHN generally exchange Euro pallets immediately. If the pallets are not exchanged immediately, then the pallet credits are to be claimed and collected within 6 months at the latest - later claims for loading equipment can no longer be considered.

Special and/or returnable containers must be stated on the delivery notes and explicitly mentioned upon acceptance of the goods.

8. Safety on the factory site

For industrial safety reasons, the wearing of protective footwear for all drivers on the DEHN SE + Co KG premises is mandatory.

9. Deliveries from third countries (non-EU)

Suppliers are generally obliged to deliver goods from non-EU countries according to the delivery conditions stated on our order.

If DEHN should be responsible for customs duty in the case of an agreed delivery condition such as e.g. “FCA: Peking, China (INCOTERMS®2010)”, the delivering service provider must announce the shipment via mail ([email protected]) prior customs clearance in order to obtain corresponding customs clearance instructions.

Duty unpaid suppliers and deliveries, for which no customs clearance proof is submitted, will neither be accepted nor intermediately stored by DEHN.

10. Special agreements

Special agreements deviating from these delivery guidelines must always be agreed and made in advance in writing with the responsible employees of DEHN.

11. Non-observance of the delivery guidelines

In case of failure to observe the above guidelines, DEHN GmbH + Co. KG. reserves the right to inform you of the identified defects.

In repeated cases you will no doubt understand that we have to invoice you for expenses for repackaging, identification or marking at a rate of €40 per hour.

12. Validity

These guidelines are valid as of January 2016 and binding for all suppliers and service providers of DEHN.

All previous versions thus lose their validity.

Place inform your Dispatch Department that these specifications are to be observed and implemented.


Nuremberg – Neumarkt

Status: July 2019