DEHNselect SPD Tool - Selection of surge protective devices

Practice-oriented - professional - easy to use

DEHNselect SPD ToolThe new DEHNselect SPD software module allows to define and select all necessary internal lightning protection and surge protection products. It provides a structure plan with a bill of materials and allows fast online access to all documents for the selected products such as data sheets and installation instructions.

DEHNselect SPD is easy to use without special knowledge or training. The user-friendly surface facilitates the operation of the program.

This electronic planning and selection guide provides easy and practice-oriented support for e.g. designers, electricians and installers of lightning protection systems, thus making it considerably easier to professionally implement a surge protection concept.


Download:Download DEHNsupport Toolbox [300 MB] (.exe-Datei)
Note: The download includes all DEHNsupport Toolbox modules. Licence holders can use all tools to their full extent. If you do not hold a licence, a full version of the DEHNselect SPD modules is included, all other modules are available as a demo version.


Due to international requirements, the DEHNselect SPD software module is available in different languages and can be used internationally.