Availability is increasingly becoming an expectation

Automation and digitalisation are striding forward and taking up position in everyday company life making it increasingly important to ensure system availability. Surge protection plays an important role in maintaining availability. It not only safeguards the power supply and communication but also safety and security systems like video surveillance, fire alarms, access control, etc.

DEHNrecord Alert helps you to monitor your surge protective devices (SPDs) by providing status reports wherever and whenever you like. This makes maintenance more manageable.

This is DEHNrecord Alert

How does DEHNrecord Alert work? DEHNrecord Alert sends status reports on surge protective devices via Modbus TCP/RTU to an evaluation system and enables transmission to devices like notebooks, tablets, smartphones and PCs or to the system control room.
How do I operate DEHNrecord Alert? DEHNrecord Alert is quick and easy to start up thanks to the intuitive app. Here you can find the apps: Apple AppStore  |  Google Play (de)  |  Google Play (en)
What information does DEHNrecord Alert transmit? The app relays device information, e.g. part number, type designation and replacement modules to DEHNrecord Alert.
What is the advantage for me? More efficient and cost-effective co-ordination of service and maintenance work without having to be on site thanks to the data transmitted to your evaluation device.

Do you have any questions about DEHNrecord Alert? We are happy to assist.

Andreas Fink | Product Manager DEHNrecord Alert
Telephone: +49 9181 906 1517

Configuration of a whole DEHNrecord Alert system with Red/Line and Yellow/Line surge arresters

DEHNrecord Alert

Your advantages with DEHNrecord Alert

  • Communication of the device status via Modbus TCP/RTU
  • Monitoring of up to 4 surge arresters with remote signalling contacts and up to 150 BLITZDUCTOR®XT arresters via DEHNrecord MCM AL XT
  • Integration of the remote signalling contacts of further user-defined functional modules (other manufacturers) in the monitoring system

Good to know: Further bus protocols can be realised on request – feel free to contact us.