DEHNguard® protects wind turbines

Type 2 arrester for voltages up to 1000 V

Combines two contrast: High system voltage and low voltage protection level

The undesired tripping of a surge protective device (SPD) in case of voltage peaks up to 2,200 Vpeak used to be a problem especially in wind turbines.

DEHNguard® DG SE H 1000 VA comprises a varistor connected in series with a gas discharge tube which prevents undesired tripping of the SPD. This type 2 arrester is therefore ideally suited for use in wind turbines – particularly for protecting double fed induction (DFI) generators.

More space on the DIN rail – Width of only 4.5 standard DIN modules

Compared to the previous solution which required 8 standard DIN modules, compact surge protection including protection of terminal equipment is now ensured on 4.5 standard DIN modules.

Previous solution: Neptune circuit  New solution: only 4.5 standard DIN modules required
Previous solution: “Neptune circuit” (8 standard DIN modules) - New solution with DG SE H 1000 VA (4.5 standard DIN modules)


Your benefits at a glance

  • Excellent protection thanks to low voltage protection level (≤ 5 kV)
  • Universal use: The series connection of a varistor and a gas discharge tube prevents tripping up to 2,200 Vpeak
  • Space-saving installation (4.5 standard DIN modules = 81 mm instead of 8 standard DIN modules)
  • Long service life thanks to high discharge capacity up to 40 kA (8/20 µs) and absence of leakage currents
  • Vibration and shock-proof thanks to module locking system
  • Easy function monitoring by means of visual indication and remote signalling contact


Further fields of application

DEHNguard SE H 1000 VA - weitere Anwendungsfelder

Use in further fields of application

Due to the combination of high system voltages and a low voltage protection level, DEHNguard SE H 1000 VA can also be used in other fields of application:

  • Photovoltaic systems: On the a.c. side of the central inverter with d.c. offset.
  • Railway systems: Wherever galvanic isolation and high system voltage is required.
  • Industrial plants: For system voltages exceeding 690 V.
  • Cable cars: For system voltages exceeding 690 V.