DEHN Risk Tool - Risk Analysis

DEHNsupport Toolbox StartscreenA risk analysis allows to assess the risk potential for structures and to take specific measures to reduce the risks. Thus, economically feasible protection measures can be selected that are adapted to the properties and use of the building. A risk analysis does not only allow to determine the class of LPS, but also to develop a complete protection concept including the required LEMP (Lightning Electromagnetic Pulses) protection measures.

In the DEHN Risk Tool module, country-specific standards and the associated national calculation values can be selected.

Risk analysis according to IEC 62305-2

Version 3 of the DEHNsupport Toolbox software includes an update for the DEHN Risk Tool.
The IEC 62305-2 standard was integrated in this version.

Risk analysis - Brief instruction PDF [3.6 MB]

UPDATE DEHN Risk Tool - New Features

  • Free update for all DEHNsupport users
  • Improved graphics and structure of the entry masks
  • Updated average ground flash density data for Germany
  • New questionnaire
  • Assessment of systems in hazardous areas according to the German Supplement 3 of DIN EN 62305-2
  • Simplified use of the lightning protection zone concept in calculations
  • NEW: Economic aspect according to IEC 62305-2
  • Fast and easy selection of protection measures to reduce the risks
  • Changed content of the printouts
  • Integration of country-specific normative adaptations based on the calculation basis as per IEC 62305-2